everal diagnostic facilities are there under one roof. So patient of critical illness, heart patients, liver patients, lung patients, brain patients, thyroid patients, poison cases, snake bite are treated regularly.In addition to medical patients, surgical patients, gynae, eye, ENT, bone joints problems, prostrate enlargement, urinary tract bleeding etc are treated with prior apointment.

Diseses like heart attack or any pain chest patient, breathing difficulty,fast heart beat patients

unconcious patient, Fits/epilepsy, , 

Drug and medicine allergic reactions, bee sting, drug reaction, alcoholic patient,

Pain abdomen, gas, jaundice, blood in vomiting, blood in stools

Cough, sneezing with difficulty in breathing, wheeze, asthma and allergy

Thyroid and sugar patients

Planned surgery- like hernia, hydrocele, gall stones, swelling over body, hysterectomy,

Women with discharge PV, irregular bleeding, backache etc.