HOLTER monitoring


  • HOLTER is 24 hours continuous ECG ecording beat by beat.
  • This is 12 channel recoerder by NASAN with reporting software by computer.
  • The Holter examination is done by a small equipment tightened on your belt and connected to your heart by chest electrodes(wires) like ECG done.
  • This test is done in detecting the hidden diseases of heart otherwise not detected by ECG
  • The diseases diagnosed are:
  1.  like silent ischemia(heart attack without pain- painless heart attacks),
  2. patients with irregular or fast beating of heart, stop beating transiently,missing beat,
  3. dizzy patients, transient unconcious patients, blackout patients
  4. Pacemaker or AICD installation/function assessment
  5. Success of treatment of above mentioned diseases
  6. finally it is recommended by NABH as Diagnostic services