TMT (computerized)

CTMT(computerized treadmill test)

This test is available since the starting of carrier and led to trade mark computerized ECG by software and Laser printer generated report with ever lasting record.As ECG is necessary for comparison, hence old ECG's as swrial ECG changes are very important in diagnosing, treating and prognosticating decisions.

  • Treadmill is 12 lead computerised ECG recording live, beat by beat while exercising on treadmill.
  • Every three minutes ECG record is printed automotically and event record is also possible.
  • The control of treadmill is computerized and obeys mouse clicks.
  • How to do TMT?
  • A person has to come fasting without smoking or drinking, chest is to be shaved in front
  • Electrodes are put over chest to record 12 lead ECG at rest, hyperventilation, supine, standing, exercise and post exercise by standard BRUCE PROTOCOL -internationally accepted guidelines.
  • Avoid TMT if you are unable to walk or breathless at rest, angina of unstable nature, arrhythmia or heartfailure etc..
  • Dbutamine Stress Echo is done in such cases -infuse dobutamine andrecord ECG serially