UGI ENDOSCOPY: It is also known as oesophago gastro dudenoscopy.To view disease within your body live- a dream of every one is fulfilled by endoscopy. It is test of viewing the food pipe, stomach and small intestine (upper part) through mouth. It is used to diagnose upper abdomen pain, undiagnosed vomiting, blood in vomiting,unexplained blood loss, upper intesinal cancers, difficulty in swallowing etc. This test is done at least 5 hrs total fasting or better total fasting in morning: total fasting means nothing to eat or drink i.e. no tea or milk, juice etc.

COLONOSCOPY: Another test of similar kind is ; viewing the large intestine from below. This test requires gut preparation. In addition to fasting, bowl wash is done by special medicines taken 5-6 hours before procedure to empty out completly.