Dr.S.P.Yadav Hospital is ISO certified hospital with maximum facilities in the city. Therefore the trainees come for experiences in various subspecilities: 

The following paramedical students and engineers receive training in this hospital:

  • Nursing students from Shanti Yadav School of Nursing Mirpur(Rewari)  
  • Training of B.Sc. Biotechnology students
  • Baba Khetanath Govt Polytechnical College, Narnaul
  • SKMSW society- paramedical training of BPL families
  • Lord Shiva College of Pharmacy- Diploma Medical Laboratory Technology, Sirsa
  • You may also apply to enroll yourself for the trainings being conducted at DR. S. P. Yadav Hospital by sending your application to 
  • In case, you wish to make your career with us, send your resume to